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Brand Analytics.

Stay on top of all your digital content being generated, your brand strategy and what’s trending with our targetted social listening tool.

  • Over 3 million Instagram stories tracked yearly

  • Access to 5 years of brand history straight away

  • Paired with AI technology for stronger search and insights

Monitoring dirctory







Our brand monitoring service is a little atypical

Most media monitoring companies will make you sign up and start from zero. Zero history and zero benchmarks to work against.

At MVO, we are already tracking every brand worldwide. This means that when you sign up with us, you will automatically get access to your social and online coverage for the last 5 years. 

Never start from zero.

Print monitoring

Print monitoring.


Monitoring Scope.

We are monitoring over 200 AU and 100 NZ print media publications every day. 

From fashion, beauty, lifestyle and even selected EDMs publications. 

Online monitoring

Online monitoring.

Online Monitoring Scope.

We track any and every online site, news and blog in Australia & New Zealand - from the smaller regional sites to microbloggers.


We will add every site that pops up. We do not use a fixed site list for online monitoring. No other monitoring company offers this type of unlimited online site tracking.

Social monitoring

Social monitoring.

Social Monitoring Scope.

We monitor all:

  • Instagram posts & reels by MVO-tracked influencers.

  • Instagram stories by MVO-tracked influencers.

  • TikToks by MVO tracked TikTokers.

  • YouTubes by MVO tracked YouTubers.

  • Facebook posts by MVO tracked business pages.

  • All Twitter mentions.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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  • One live portal for your teams to see all the digital activity for your brands in one spot.

  • Client or agency logins are available to share your analytics and digital dashboards with all teams.

  • Unlimited users can be logged in at once.

  • Daily or weekly alerts summarising your latest coverage straight to your inbox.

  • Onboarding training sessions are available to train your team on how to utilise MVO's tools and insights.


Included Features.

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