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Start your journey to
headache-free tracking

We could go on and on about how we have developed products that will help you outperform your competitors and stay on top of your digital strategy and marketing performance. But we believe nothing sells our service better than seeing it in action.


This is why we give you the opportunity to have a free trial of our time-saving capabilities with no commitment required.

Use our platform to: 

  • Track all the Instagram stories, posts, reels, Tiktoks, Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos mentioning your brand or client

  • Track any mention of your brand or client on new sites, blogs or online publications. 

  • Understand your market position and brand ranking

  • Discover new voices and understand which influencers your competitors are using

  • Understand and analyse your previous brand activity to ensure you stay ahead of your competition

What you can expect for your demo

One of our media analytic experts will schedule a personalised demo and customise your demo based on the challenges and needs of your company.

Who would gain the most from our demo?

  • Founders and CEOs who would like to improve their team's efficiency and reduce tedious manual reporting and social listening hours. 

  • Influencer and brand managers who want to learn better ways to track and measure their partners. 

  • Social media & performance marketers who need KPIs and insights

  • PR agencies who work with consumer brands

  • Anybody who works with social media channels and wants to upskill themselves

Demo or contact

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