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Taking your service from good to exceptional

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Our Mission

We are data-obsessed. We believe technology is around to make our lives easier. Our mission is to help agencies and brands not have to worry about little things like monitoring.

Our goal is to ensure our clients spend time creating more mentions. Not searching for them.

Our Difference

We pride ourselves on three main pillars.

  1. Customer Service
    Run by real people, we are always an email away to provide you with any insights you might need surrounding our tool or the market itself.

  2. Aussie and NZ Expertise
    Our knowledge and experience of the Australian and New Zealand market cannot be matched. Our platforms and services are tailormade for local brands. 

  3. Constant Innovation
    Our clients benefit from the constant innovation of our tool. Allowing us to stay ahead of the media landscape. 

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Our Story

We have been working in the data analytics, public relations, advertising and marketing industry for over 15 years.


Unlike global monitoring companies, we understand what makes Australian and New Zealand brands unique. We specialise in the Australian and New Zealand media space.


We know the lingo, channels and influencers that will talk about your brand before you do. 

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