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Understand your

Discover deep insights into how your competitors are performing. Compare live data side by side, and understand how and why you are out-performing
or under-performing your competitors.  

A better approach to planning your next strategy

We believe understanding the market and your closest competitors is the key to increasing your market share and sales. Many brands are fighting blind, not knowing how to outperform their competitors because they don't actually know what their competitor's strategy is. 

Here is how we're fixing it

Beating your competitors turns out to be a lot easier when you can identify their latest campaigns, launches and events. By analysing their media marketing strategy and understanding the influencers, sites and publications they are working with, it's easier than ever before to outperform your closest competitors. 

Learn from your competition

with actionable insights to guide your strategy

All you need to do is pick who and how many competitors you would like to analyse. From here, we will work our magic to give you behind-the-scenes insight into how your closest competitors are performing. 

  • Explore every aspect of your rivals’ online & social presence

  • See the hidden hashtags and handles influencers are using in their stories

  • You can even monitor a competitor send-out with competitor tracking

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Learn from the market

identify if you are speaking louder than your competitors

Understand your brand's market share. Identify the brands making the most noise in the market and moving up the ladder. 

Analyse whether your brands and competitors gained market share before and after a campaign.

  • See first-hand if you're investing enough in comparison to your competitors

  • Understand how your campaigns contribute to increasing your share of voice

  • See an overview of the latest region-specific industry trends

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Learn from your competitor's campaigns

let their mistakes inform your next campaign strategy

Identify spikes in their coverage to easily see when your competitors ran a send-out, event or campaign. Understand the type of content that was produced and how to outperform this in your next campaign. 

See what has been done, and learn how to produce more innovative campaigns in comparison to your competition. 

  • See first-hand the type of content being produced on stories for their events

  • Understand how each post, story or reel contributed to their campaign's value

  • See which influencers gave them the highest and least ROI

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Understand your competitor's
social partnerships

on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook

Understand your competitors' social media strategy through a comprehensive digital analysis. Keep tabs on what channels are driving your competitor's buzz and engagement.


Unveil your competitor's consumer & influencer activity and tactics on all platforms, including Instagram stories & TikTok. ​Inform your PR strategy by discovering new influencers to target to help reach new audiences and increase your share of voice. ​

  • Instantly identify the top influencers working with your competitors

  • Understand which accounts are driving their engagement

  • See first-hand the type of content being produced on stories about your competitors


View Fiona's story


View Lea's story


View Tyson's story

Understand your competitor's
online presence

understand your competition's top sites, news & blogs

With a competitor analysis, you can understand the online sites, news, and blogs mentioning your competitors the most. Identify the sites being used the most across your industry. 

Inform your strategy shifts by discovering new sites to increase your share of voice. 

  • Monitor the top publications informing your competitor's ROI

  • Discover the microbloggers talking about your competition

  • Understand how to outperform your competitor's online strategy

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