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Closely monitor
your PR send-out

Automate the monitoring of your next PR send-out or seeding campaign, including Instagram stories and TikTok content. 


A better approach to PR send-outs

automate your long-winded PR seeding campaigns

We believe that it's almost impossible to track PR send-outs accurately manually. You send out a product and you start to see the stories trickle through. Influencers could post you over the next couple of months and you have to be constantly monitoring their stories in the hope you have secured some coverage. When you're running multiple campaigns at once this becomes near impossible to keep track of. 

Here is how we're fixing it

Picking up all the mentions generated by your PR send-out turns out to be a lot easier when you automate the monitoring. Automating the tracking of every single story posted by all the influencers on your PR list makes it easier than ever to track your brand's next send-out campaign. 

Effortless tracking

with automated filtering and keyword searches

All you need to do is send us the PR list full of the influencers you will be sending your products to. From here, we will monitor every single story, reel, post and TikTok your influencers upload. We will then funnel any coverage from your influencers that mention your brand into its own live dashboard. 

  • Instantly see all the content mentioning your brand in a live dashboard

  • See the hidden hashtags and handles influencers are using in their stories

  • You can even monitor a competitor send-out with competitor tracking


Saved Instagram stories

beyond 24 hours

With MVO you don't need to stress about the tight 24-hour window of Instagram stories. No more racing to screenshot an influencer's story thanks to our Instagram story monitoring.


All the story mentions generated over your send-out are saved for you.

  • MP4 files created for the video stories

  • Image files created for the image stories

  • Saved forever


View Fiona's story


View Lea's story


View Tyson's story

Easily stay in the loop

with straight to your inbox alerts

Be set up with 'as soon as we pick it up' alerts, instantly emailing you whenever new coverage is picked up in connection with your send-out.

Peace of mind monitoring, where the heavy lifting is done for you. 

  • Set up multiple team members to be alerted when new coverage is found

  • The unique links to the saved Instagram stories emailed straight to you

  • You also have the option to be alerted when new TikTok, Insta posts or reels are found too

Vector image of cell phone receiving alerts

Then comes the evaluation

queue tedious hours of reporting

After a campaign, you're then stuck with the task of collating all the content, evaluating it and communicating your send-outs ROI. This tedious reporting headache can be done for you with MVO's all-in-one campaign evaluation reports. 

We will measure, organise and collate all your mentions into a dynamic, shareable report with credible metrics that showcase the success of your send-out.

  • Instantly identify which influencer scored the highest on multiple KPIs

  • Understand how each post, story or reel contributed to your campaign's value

  • Reporting that takes you hours can now take you seconds

processing data into reporting vector image
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