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Spy on your

Explore every aspect of your rivals’ online & social presence. Unveil your competitors' consumer & influencer activity and tactics on all platforms, including Instagram stories & TikTok.


Gain all the insights in one go with MVO's tools for competitor analysis.


Online analytics

understand your competition's top sites, news & blogs

Benchmark the online sites, news, and blogs mentioning your brand and compare them against your competitors.

Inform your strategy shifts by discovering new sites to increase your share of voice. 

  • Monitor the top publications informing your competitor's ROI

  • Discover the microbloggers talking about your competitor's brand

  • Compare your online marketing success and rebuild after a temporary decline


Benchmark yourself

understand how your performance stacks up against the market

Compare like for like, understand how and why you are out-performing or under-performing your competitors. 

Measure yourself in over 20 different KPIs and understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

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20 + 

KPIs to measure

3 +

Years of history

8 +


  • Don't allow yourself to view your brand in a bubble - contextualise your performance

  • Understand the exact KPIs your brand might be underperforming in

  • Identify your closest competitors

Social analytics

on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook 

Understand your competitors' social media strategy through a comprehensive digital analysis. Keep tabs on what channels are driving your competitor's buzz and engagement.


​Inform your PR strategy by discovering new influencers to target to help reach new audiences and increase your share of voice. ​

  • Instantly identify the top influencers working with your competitors

  • Understand which accounts are driving their engagement

  • See first-hand the type of content being produced on stories about your competitors

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