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Track Content & Unlock Analytics.

Stay on top of all your digital content being generated, your brand strategy and what’s trending with our targetted social listening tool.


Automated digital tracking

use technology to your advantage

With our real-time dashboard and summary alerts, you'll never miss a post that mentions your brand by journalists, consumers, or influencers. Check your inbox for a daily summary of your latest content in the past 24 hours. You'll have your very own AI intern that saves your team hours of sourcing and compiling the latest mentions each morning. 

  • Our search terms include 25,000 keywords about your brands and products.

  • Scanning through over 50,000 digital mentions a day, so you don't have to.

  • We even track sites behind paywalls for mentions of your brands. 

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Unmatched scope

we search high and low for your mentions

To gain a complete understanding of your market, competitors, influencer strategy, and brand strategy, it's essential to have all the information in one place instead of scattered across various tools.


MVO offers one of the most advanced scopes worldwide, going beyond just tracking influencer content. We monitor everything from influencers to online mentions and consumer content, providing a comprehensive digital picture. Do not exclude any of your segments, and gain a complete understanding of your market with MVO.

  • Access to historical data dating back to 2019

  • Understand the complete picture with influencer and consumer monitoring 

  • Discover new voices and identify the organic coverage being generated for your brand

Brand analytics - scope 2.png

Benchmark your strategy

understand who's informing your ROI

No more guesswork about which strategies are working and which are not. MVO automatically highlights your performance, reach, growth, and decline so you can visually see what’s working within your dashboard. View charts for performance spikes, engagement growth, and even the number of unique influencers talking about your brand. Don't spend hours manually connecting the dots yourself. See the answers constantly with our live analytics charts.

  • Easily report on your performance month to month, including spikes in mentions

  • Instantly understand how to improve your brand without the guesswork

  • Make informed decisions based on data

Performance Charts.png

Keep up with trends

understand who's informing your ROI

MVO allows your teams to see which topics are top of mind among your journalists, consumers, and influencers. This helps power your own content strategy and grasp the trends driving conversations within your community.


With MVO, you can see how your brand is being discussed, the buzzwords consumers are using, and even the competitors they are discussing alongside you.

  • Understand the top topics and trends within the market based on data.

  • Gain insights into the positive and negative sentiments surrounding your brand.

  • Be quick to spot an emerging crisis with our topics trending chart

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