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The all in one brand monitoring solution

Track your consumers & influencers on all platforms, including Instagram stories & TikTok.

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How it works?

The road to unmatched brand monitoring in 3 simple steps.

Step 1. 

We set up your unique keywords, hashtags & account names for our AI-powered search engine to track the right stuff.

Step 2. 

All your mentions are found and funnelled into your live dashboard. This includes historical mentions dating back to 2019.

Step 3. 

At the click of a button, you can see all your mentions and charts detailing insights breaking down your ROI and performance. 

Automated digital monitoring

powered by AI

Our digital monitoring & insights service provides advanced media marketing insights to help you track, capture and evaluate your brand and closest competitors. 

Our unique AI-powered search engine makes it possible for you to track keywords, hashtags, influencer collabs, event spaces, and account names in every piece of coverage. Our search engine helps us to track all mentions of your brand, even the ones from consumers or unknown influencers.

  • The most advanced AI technology on the market

  • Machine learning classifiers automatically flag negative mentions based on keywords

  • Crawling through millions of sites, even searching through sites behind paywalls. 

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  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Unmatched scope

we search high and low for your mentions

Our systems will read all the articles, posts and stories for you, funnelling any coverage mentioning your brand into your dynamic dashboard. We are not just limited to influencer monitoring, we will also monitor any organic voices. Allowing you to understand how your consumers are speaking as well as the unknown micro-influencers discussing your brand. 

You will get to benefit from the power of our unmatched scope from the day your dashboard is created. You are never starting from scratch, you are only starting from insights.

  • Access to historical data, dating back to 2019

  • Understand the complete picture with influencer and consumer monitoring 

  • Discover new voices and identify the organic coverage being generated for your brand

Our supported platforms include

  • Instagram

Tracking all Instagram posts from both influencers and consumers mentioning the brand through tagging or hashtagging

  • Instagram story

Capturing all Instagram stories by the top 2,500 Australian beauty/lifestyle influencers (this database is growing every day)

  • TikTok

Tracking all TikToks posted by TikTokers in our database (this database is growing every day)

  • wireless-symbol

Tracking all Online publications including all news publication sites, blogs, and forums

  • YouTube

Tracking all YouTube mentions by YouTubers in our database (this database is growing every day)

  • Facebook

Tracking all Facebook mentions by Facebook business accounts in our database (this database is growing every day)

  • Twitter

Tracking all Twitter mentions from consumers and verified accounts discussing your brand.

Benchmark your strategy

understand who's informing your ROI

The day has come for you to stop manually pulling together insights across thousands of spreadsheets.


With your dashboard, you can instantly understand the top influencers posting about you on posts and stories, the top sites discussing you and the highest interacted posts for your brand.

  • Easily report on your performance month to month including spikes in mentions

  • Instantly understand how to improve your brand without the guesswork

  • Make informed decisions based on data

Top Influencers (Posts)

At the click of a button, you can see a chart detailing the top influencers posting about your brand on Instagram within MVO.


Instagram Handle

Number of Insta Posts

Estimated Reach

















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