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Media Monitoring
Brand Monitoring

Automate your digital brand monitoring. Have all your mentions tracked for you and compiled into a live dashboard. 

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Influencer Monitoring

Track all your influencers' stories and posts in one place. Keep track of who has and hasn't posted about your brand. 

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Campaign Monitoring

Track all your mentions surrounding a campaign online. Be alerted when new coverage is picked up in connection with your campaign. 

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IG Stories Monitoring

Track influencers posting about you on stories. See all your Instagram stories in one place. Saved beyond 24 hours.

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Platform Monitoring
Instagram Monitoring

Automatically monitor your brand, influencers, and campaigns. Track, capture, and evaluate all your brand activity on Instagram. 

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TikTok Monitoring

Track, capture and evaluate your brand activity by top TikTokers on the world's fastest-growing platform. 

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Twitter Monitoring

Track, capture, and evaluate all your Twitter mentions to inform and measure how your brand is being discussed. 

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Online Monitoring

Track, capture, and evaluate all your online sites, blogs, publications, podcasts, news, and campaigns online.

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YouTube Monitoring

Track, capture, and evaluate the YouTubers discussing your brand across YouTube. Identify new voices and audiences reached. 

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Facebook Monitoring

Track, capture, and evaluate the Facebook business pages discussing your brand. Identify new audiences. 

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Campaign Reporting

Automate reporting showcasing your campaigns combined with independently evaluated, credible metrics. 

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Brand Insights

Competitor Monitoring

Spy on your competitors. Understand their strategy and learn from their mistakes to stay ahead of the competition. 

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Crisis Management

Never miss a critical mention and ensure you have the tools to act quickly on potential crises before they escalate.

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Sentiment Tracking

Understand the way your brand is being discussed online. Review all negative mentions easily to protect your brand.

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